Xəstəxana qaydaları


1. During the treatment, the patient may request in writing that he or she be transferred to another treatment center.

2. Patients and their relatives can receive free information about the services provided in our hospital.

3. The patient can obtain information about the treatment provided to him/her.

4. During his/her stay in our hospital, the patient may receive copies of results of the treatment received, the results of his/her examination and laboratory examinations.

5. The patient may require a detailed invoice for amount paid to the hospital.

6. The patient has the right to freely express his complaint, suggestions and comments.


1. When patient refuses planned treatment, doctor informs patient about the complications that may occur, and if patient insists, then the entire responsibility lies with patient.

2. Except for single and VIP rooms, it is forbidden to bring food, as well as the flower bouquets for patient from outside.

3. Please do not bring money and jewelry with you when you enter our hospital departments, otherwise the hospital will not be responsible for your lost items.

4. Patients may be visited from 18:30 to 20:30 (this may vary depending on the type of patient's room)

5. No more than 2 people can enter the room to meet patient.

6. If patient was hospitalized before 11.00 pm, then the next day at 11.00 am it will be considered as 1 day of hospitalization. When calculating hours, the time of acceptance for emergency care is taken as the basis.

7. Food and tea given to the relatives of patient staying with him/her for the night is included in paid amount. Additional needs are provided from cafe on a fee basis. Service from cafe to room is provided by payment in cash.

8. The patient's relative's stay in the room will be calculated as 1 day, subject to completion at 11.00 am.

9. Clothing that need to be worn after surgery must be provided by patient. Depending on request, clothing can be provided by hospital with an additional payment.

10. Postsurgical bandage is free, the rest are performed on a fee basis.

11. Presentation of identity card by patient is mandatory for issuing a medical certificate, a patient’s chart or other document concerning our clinic for its presentation to patient's workplace, university or any other place.

12. Smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol in rooms and wards throughout the hospital is strictly prohibited.