About us

Our clinic, which began operating with creation of 'Babek" Branch in 2011 and "Merkez" Branch in 2013, was established in order to bring medical services that meet international standards to our country. Investments in the clinic to meet the growing demand in recent years make BMP the largest private hospital in Azerbaijan.

Currently our clinic provides services with 200 stationary beds, 30 intensive care beds, 16 surgery rooms and 5 maternity rooms, Resuscitation for newborns with 25 infant incubator equipped with laminar airflow all at a closed area of 25,000 m2. In the coming period, we will continue to develop our services, focusing on the most advanced standards in the world. Offering medical services of the highest level, medical personnel trained abroad and invited from abroad, high medical care and the most advanced medical equipment, we wish of becoming the choice of patients who prefer treatment abroad.

Baku Medical Plaza clinics provide you with high-level inpatient and outpatient services.

Brief information about the centers operating in our clinic:

  • At Heart Health Center operating in the "Merkez" Branch of Baku Medical Plaza there is the most advanced angiography device in Baku, and operations of any kind of cardiological diseases are carried out in 2 fully equipped cardiologic operating rooms. In the angio-laboratory, which is open for 24 hours a day, medical aid is provided to patients with heart attack. Ambulance service is free for such patients. Balloon and stand operations are performed in our clinic through angio wrist pulse artery. Thus, the patient will be dismissed from the hospital in a short time without the risk of bleeding;
  • Services in many areas, such as general women's health, pregnancy monitoring ( including high-risk pregnancy monitoring), all kinds of open and laparoscopic gynecological operations, comprehensive treatment of possible complications after such operations are provided at BMP's Women's and Children's Health Center;
  • High-risk pregnancy monitoring genetic analysis (dual, triple and quadruple screening tests - detection of Down, Edwards and Patau syndromes), detailed USM and treatment of the fetus in the womb is provided in our Perinatology department;
  • Pediatric and Neonatology Department, VIP Pediatric Stationery equipped with all necessary equipment is at your service in our clinic;
  • Neonatal Resuscitation and Intensive Care Department is equipped with the most advanced medical equipment and supplies, where the professionals highly-qualified and experienced abroad provide their services;
  • Treatment of male and female infertility in the Center for Female and Male Infertility of BMP is successfully carried out in conjunction with the famous Jinemed clinic in Turkey;
  • In the Center of Gastroenterology of our clinic is conducted examination of gastrointestinal diseases, hepatitis, ERCP, also held gastroscopy and colonoscopy;
  • Neurology and Paralysis Center carries out EEG, EMG, cerebral arteriography, also provide examination and treatment of diseases such as Parkinson, Headache - Migraines, Vertigo, Epilepsy, Alzheimer;
  • All sorts of abdominal surgery, endocrine surgery, laparoscopic surgery, emergency surgery, especially laparoscopic surgery are performed in our General Surgical Center.
  • ENT Department provides services of ENT surgery, treatment of ear, nose and throat diseases, ear and hearing problems surgery, endoscopic surgery of the paranasal sinuses, etc.;
  • Pulmonary cysts, lung tumors, bronchoscopic surgery is performed in our Thoracal Surgery Department;
  • The Neurology Center operating in BMP provides services for any kinds of spinal surgery, closed-type pain treatments, brain hemorrhage operations, brain tumor surgery. In our surgery operations we use advanced technology like microscope and pneumatic engine systems;
  • Treatments in Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Department of our clinic are provided with the latest equipments;
  • Examination and treatment of all types of urological diseases, as well as urological surgery is performed in our Urological Department;
  • Orthopedics and Traumatology Department provides treatment and surgery of the joint, bone diseases, injured patients are admitted to the ambulance service;
  • The Vascular Surgery Department serves in both branches of our clinic. The department deals with treatment of vascular diseases and vascular surgery (sclerotherapy, laser technique, etc.)
  • All type of plastic and reconstructive surgery, hair transplantation, liposuction, abdominoplasty and other operations are performed in Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery Department.
  • The Endocrinology Department provides treatment of thyroid diseases, parathyroid diseases, diseases of the pancreas, diseases of the suprarenal gland, excessive pilosis (hirsutism) and other diseases.
  • In Radiology Department of the clinic, the diagnosis is carried out by such devices as 64 slice KT (KT angio), MRT, 3D, 4D, Doppler USG, Digital X-ray.
  • BMP Emergency Assistance Service admits patients with paralysis, coma, infarction - heart failure, traumas (including postaccident), brain hemorrhage, electric shock, digestive and respiratory system problems, small surgical interventions (sewing up wounds, removal of skin and subcutaneous derivatives, etc.) burns, provides primary neonatal and pediatric care.
  • In our Laboratory, which works together with Turkey’s renowned Kalyon Labs, network we carry out analyzes within 24 hours a day using fully automated modern devices and an e-result system is available for receiving responses.


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